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Sovo Media serves as a consultant to our clients in every aspect of search engine marketing. Our experienced professionals are all Google adWords and Microsoft Advertising certified and have extensive backgrounds within the online advertising industry.

This laser-focused approach allows us to deliver the very best opportunities to our clients in in every aspect of our campaigns. This is how we do it (as much as we can reveal publicly):

Keyword Research

When selecting which search terms, also known as keywords, you want to rank highly for, there are three important factors to consider: which keywords are most relevant for your site, which keywords have low competition, and which keywords have high search volume. We have tremendous experience doing the research necessary to find the right search terms to target with our campaigns. The keyword research process is the most important part of the entire SEO campaign because without the right set of keywords to optimize for, the rest of our activities will be ineffective.

Website Analysis

Making your website more search engine friendly is a very important part of modern-day search engine optimization. A few of the areas we’ll be evaluating once we start to conduct a full website review include: ensuring proper usage of our target search terms across the website, implementing an internal linking strategy throughout the site that goes well with the overall look and flow of the site and optimizing important HTML tags such as the title and meta tags.

Link Building

Search engines highly value the quality and quantity of external websites linking to your website. Why is that, you ask? Because when a website links back to you, it’s an indication that your site matters. A link is a sign that another site gives you its nod of approval. They call it the World Wide Web for a reason. There really is a web of sites continually pointing to each other to create groupings of relevant information. We live in an interconnected world. It has never been more important to get connected on the web with links flowing to your website. At Sovo Media, we build out an inclusive link building strategy across various relevant websites focused on subjects related to your niche.

Social Media

These days, utilizing Facebook and Twitter for your business can help you better engage with your audience and build a strong link profile in the process. While social media still has a fairly minimal impact on SEO in terms of factors being considered by Google’s algorithms, that impact is growing all the time and Google has indicated that it will play a more prevalent part in their rankings in the near-term future. Also, leveraging social media is a great way to get your content shared so that you naturally build your incoming links. At Sovo Media, we can help set you up with a strategy to attract fans across all of the major social media channels while at the same time managing the outgoing messaging/content that you are putting out on these social media channels

Content Distribution

Search engines want their searchers to find material relevant for their searches, and they will often prioritize websites that continue to put out a steady flow of unique content that helps their users to find content relevant to their searches. At Sovo Media, we will help to write and distribute great content across hundreds of various online channels we have relationships with. When it comes to search engine rankings, content distribution is a critical aspect in getting your website ranked by the search engines while increasing referral traffic from related websites. We have the online relationships and knowledge to make this process a tremendous success


Blogging can help your SEO efforts in a few different ways. When you blog, you’re creating unique content that will help the search engines identify your site as an authoritative resource on your subject matter. And when you contribute to other blogs and forums, it can help you to build up your link profile. At Sovo Media, we can help devise a blogging strategy that provides content on a company blog, contributes guest posts to outside bloggers with relevant audiences and ensures that you are commenting on the right forums to get visibility with an audience that is potentially interested in what you have to offer.

Web 2.0

Sites that are considered to be Web 2.0 can introduce your site to new people with relevant interests and can drive site traffic and valuable incoming links. A wide variety of websites such as wikis, writing communities and social bookmarking sites can offer you the opportunity to talk about your business, acquire incoming links, and connect with users. Interacting on web 2.0 sites will tend to boost the value of your content there and Sovo Media will help you to maintain an ongoing presence across these types of websites.

Paid Search

While focusing on organic search traffic has an effective and long-lasting impact on overall sales and revenue growth, paid search allows our clients to start driving traffic and testing out their messaging immediately. Therefore, we offer this service to any client that may be looking to drive increased website visitors within the first week of starting to work with us. As a Google Engage member, we are able to offer vouchers for discounts on media costs and can test in an efficient way that ensures we are able to drive profitable campaigns from the beginning of our campaigns.


At Sovo Media, we take reporting very seriously. After all, it’s difficult to pinpoint what is working well and what needs adjustment if you’re not meticulously tracking your progress and gaining insight into how these efforts are translating into real-world results, such as more customers, sales, visitors and increased online visibility. We will help to set up analytics and tracking across your website and will send you an in-depth report every month that covers which search terms we optimized for during the month, what activities we did on your behalf, how this impacted your search engine rankings, how much of an increase you saw in terms of conversions/sales/traffic and several other important metrics to help you identify how these campaigns are working on your behalf.